VA FORM 21-651 PDF

Fill Va Form 21 , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Get the department of veterans affairs form 21 Description of election of compensation in lieu of retired pay to secure compensation from the va. I hereby . I retired on 01 January with 20 years of Service. I received a VA Disability rating of 50% and the effective date of my claim is 01 March I.

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Anyway I FedEx’d the form the next morning and got delivery confirmation so we will see. Not sure what that meant. I hope my papers are filled out correctly I talked to my case manager at my Pay Center and they said the is processed electronically and as soon as the VA released my funds she would process and I would see my Comp on the 1st of the very next month.

Find some drama-avoidance activities while you wait.

Just Vets Helping Vets. This is a fomr issue for retirees, If you did not retire then you dont even have to worry about block They withheld it because you are a va form and must go through the audit process.

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I went to the DAV today while va form Trippler. Block Will u receive retired pay: Browse All Articles 23 Articles. Why do i feel i’m never going to see what i rate Last edited by Ron91 on 2: If you are entitled to receive military retired pay, your retired pay may be reduced by the amount of any VA compensation that you are awarded.

My curiosity and my lack of confidence in the VA got the best of me so i went the the VA regional office in Phoenix today. I retired on 01 January with 20 years of Service.


While not definite the comments might be related to your question about effective date. One week later I have an AB8!

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I can not believe this happened to me. There are retirees that do not waive their retired pay and at least one is on this board. If you are awarded military Retired pay prior to compensation, we will reduce your retired pay by that amount. I remember asking about that question and he said “dont worry about it”. Are there any logical reasons one would not waive retirement for VA? Please note that if you check the box in Item 17, you will not receive VA compensation, if granted.

Unless you check block in item 19 below, u are telling us that you are choosing to receive VA compensation instead of military retired pay, if it is determined you are entitled to both benefits.

Documents you should include rorm the application Submit all documentation supporting your request and reasoning for waiver. The new laws do not say that VA can restore waived compensation pay.

If you are still concerned, then submit a Form stating you waive retired pay for receipt of VA compensation. Just Vets Helping Vets. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

They have a form to fill out to correct it. Fom va form eligible for waiver you must submit your waiver request within 5 years of the date of discovery of va form debt. Last edited by Ron91 on 1: Thank you all for your service Along came new laws that permits a restoration of part, or all, of retired pay that is waived in order to receive V A compensation.

You should receive your retro pay as discussed previously, but you must return the signed form to do so. Five weeks later I have retro pay! I hope this helps, and I will continue to provide information as I get it. Now I got a call to an ebenefits inquiry if they have it yet, march 12 they dont have it scanned or can tell me if the regional office has it even with a name i provided from the certified letter.

The issue of family members may or may not require documents and you will be notified and IMHO, it isn’t something you don’t need to address at this point.

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Embed this content in your HTML. In any case, good luck. The use of this form or the original claim form and a certain block is necessary to agree to accept VA compensation in lieu of retired pay. Mine wasnt there, just the first page as the rest wasnt scanned in. Block Will u receive retired pay: Waiting on my to clear.

Concurrent Receipt Automatic? BS!

It is a no brainer that the VA needs to correct. Receipt of military retired pay or Voluntary Separation Incentive VSI and VA compensation at the same time may result in an overpayment, which may be subject foem collection. There is a statement in it, ” I vq elect to receive compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs in lieu of the total amount of retired pay, or waive that portion of my retired pay which is equal in amount to the compensation which may be awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I went to the DAV today while at Trippler. As Cruiser pointed out there is no need for a separate form if the Form is properly completed.

Concurrent Receipt Automatic? BS!

Turns out, i was never going to get paid due to the fact my VA rep that helped me fill out my claim checked the “waiving VA compensation in lieu of retired pay” box.

And thank you for all your services 216-51 dedication to this great Nation! I have visited with folks PM conversations who have moved on, but remain involved in helping veterans.

I was hoping that someone had actually gone through it already AND was still on the board. But, the VA said they can’t pay me because I checked gorm 19 of c. But LoSki hasn’t been back on since then, so I don’t know if the issue has been resolved or not. But submit the and it will be okay.