In Contact with Other Realms: An Adventurer’s Experiences in Awareness by Helene Hadsell (). by Helene Hadsell. Using the The Law of Attraction (LofA) Helen Hadsell won every contest she entered. Sounds incredible, but it´s true. By she had won over 5, prizes, . In Contact with Other Realms: An Adventurer’s Experiences in Awareness. Helen Hadsell. from: N/A. Top of Page. My Account · Billing · Shipping · Return Policy.

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To spend a lot of time analyzing would be a good habit to cultivate.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique | Quantum Mind Success

Like you said its not just about contesting which I love but so much more! Send out the vibrational frequency for what you want using your feelings and emotions creative visualization.

Focus on what you want. You may be required to take some small action to actually go and receive it. September is a 9.

Helene is delightfully fearless. I have taken up entering contests and sweepstakes for several months now.

Many times I feel that someone is mentally communicating to me what I should remind you of. November 1st, 2 Comments. Somehow the entire world caught on thinking that this was a positive thing, and everyone should be able to retire. You have been dealt a double seven, hadsll Productive and Harvest cycle. Mariola June 19, at Helene Hadsell has never made a secret of how she won the prizes.

That explain why you can do miracles in heleene life!! Corkrose April 17, at What’s the scent your nostrils catch inside? To be informed of our updates, you may subcribe to our Newsletter.

Everything started, when in she read a book helenw positive thinking. October 11th, 0 Comments. His life is a true testament to the power of positive thinking and the infinite human potential. This was not an easy cycle for you. It urged you to pursue self-knowledge. Helene Hadsell is the legendary contest queenwho has probably won more valuable prizes than anybody else. I heard from Zig Ziglar that the uelene time it was mentioned in the bible was as punishment, and that where retirement became a mainstream ideal was in the s.


Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique

I have several of you books and also listened to your last two CDs recordings with Nightingal-Conant. Just from reading her material and evolving consciously as I absorb more information daily and expand the boundaries, I am feeling anything is possible. The link you provided in your simple google search brings you right back to this very article.

See yourself as already having what it is you want. Ehsida Bisset June 16, at 9: If you, for instance, start worrying about something and this becomes a dominant thought in your mind it will only attract more of the same – more to worry about. AND that, in a nutshell, is the formula for attracting what you want. Eventually, Silva developed his Silva Method which could teach anyone how to develop their own intuition.

Each and every one of her wins has come as a result of constant positive thinking. Helen programmed her mind to comply with SPEC. His inspirational story shows that if you keep thinking the same thought over and over again it will start to manifest in your life – you will attract it.

I am definately well above winning than losing but I am still seeking to evolve to the point that any time I want to win I can walk into a casino and just take money, including jackpots on command. Here is her reply verbatim: If you where to recommend one over another to study 1st, which one would it be? After discussing the resolution with YOU, your get your lover back spell has done more than what I expected.


What a remarkable woman. Over 5 trips to Europe for herself and her entire family. After entering a contest and waiting for the results, Helene always did this visualization every single day and continuously.

When this happens I feel I learn as much or more than the person whose Blueprint I am doing. I want to cry when I found out Helen Hansell died I really love all she shared of her gift to help people.

Every time the cause has been charged with so much positive energy that it simply couldn’t resist coming to her. Helene has recently been flooded with inquiries about her books, Blueprints, and specifically her SPEC method, from all over the world.

A Message From Helene Hadsell – ContestQueen

By she had won over 5, prizes, including washing machines, televisions, out-board motors, Hammond organs and many other appliances. In an interview she said this: She changed her thought patterns. Here is her reply verbatim:.

Master numbers are revealed in birth numbers. It is also important to have faithso that no negative feelings and doubts will arise.

We are talking about repeating the thought over and over again. Then you just wait until it shows up in your life collect it. As a result of this unexpected turn of events, he began to research metaphysics.

How the engine sounds?