Gandavyūha Sūtra, Mahāyāna Buddhist sūtra that forms the climax of a larger text, the Avataṃsaka Sūtra. The Avataṃsaka Sūtra was most likely composed in. The Gandavyuha sutra. -. ¯. ¯ is a Maha¯ya¯na text composed sometime in the first several centuries CE, which relates the tale of a young layman’s quest for. Gandavyuha Sutra: List of Teachers | Sudhana | Maitreya & Sudhana | Sutra of Golden Light The Gandavyuha, often referred to as an independent sutra, is the.

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They make a wish:.

He also appeared to have come to the bodhisattva World-Observer on the peak of Mount Potalaka. Later, as Sudhana was watching Manjushri depart, he begged the great bodhisattva to teach him how to carry out the work of enlightening beingsthe work of universal good. Sudhana saw the night goddess sitting on a great lotus seat full of diamonds illumining the homes in all cities.

Some wore various emblems on their bodies. At that point, in all those lion seats under the treasure treesSudhana saw the nun Lion Stretching sitting, surrounded by a great company of followers.

With some I performed spiritual practice for a day and a night, with some for a week, with some for a month, with some for a year, with some for a century, with some for a millennium, with some for a million years, with some for a trillion years, with some for untold numbers of years, with some for eons.

Entering into the ocean of vows of enlightening beingslooking out over the vast ocean of light of all-knowledge, Sudhana went to the night goddess Pure Light. Contemplating the enlightening liberation of a moment of thought producing floods of joySudhana went to see the night goddess Guardian of All.

Sudhana asked her what it was like, and she said: Scholars conclude that sutras were being added to the collection. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: He felt enraptured seeing Well Established walking tandavyuha the sky.

Sudhana made his way to the city of Mahasambhava and looked for Vidvan, seeking him out as a spiritual benefactor.

Absorbed in the liberation of immense pure energy of the joy of universal good shown him by the night goddess Joyful Eyes suutra, Sudhana went to the night goddess Rescuer of All. I know that no buddha in any world ever has or ever will become finally extinctexcept as a teaching device.


My desire for the powers of bodhisattvas is pure.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. The goddess said to Sudhana:. At that point, the daughter of the king took off her jewelry and scattered it over the Buddha. Sudhana saw that all the riches set out before the King were also set out in front of every house in the city. Stilling the intense pains of the mundane world.

Gandavyuha Sutra Full – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

Sudhana paid his respects to the mendicant Sarvagamin and left. This liberation is endlessbecause it is perceived by the eye of the bodhisattvas. Sudhana paid his respects to the night goddess Joyful Eyes and took leave of her. On the first floor he saw supplies of food and drink being given away.

Gopa, Female, girl, Kapilavastu, Then he scatted golden flowers over Sudhana and offered praise to the bodhisattvas as the ones who show the path of safety and peace to those on the path of delusion. Jayottama, Male, city elder, Nandihara, Go to the religious woman Achala in the kindgom of Sthira and you will hear from her of the practice of bodhisattvas.

Ananyagamin also appeared to go to the buddhasmaking all kinds of offerings to them. A night goddess named Pure Moonlight woke the queen with the sounds of her jewelry jingling and brought her the news that a buddha had just attained enlightenment in their world.

Who have gone into the Reality Realm of the enlightened. He was told he could find Maitrayani sitting on the roof of the palace of her father, the Kingaccompanied by a retinue of five hundred girls, expounding the Teaching.

MaitreyaMale, bodhisattva I learned this in the company of untold numbers of buddhas. I teach them the way to accumulate virtueand foster knowledge in them.

Sudhana gradually made his way to the city called Lion Springing, looking for the girl Maitrayani. They have been produced by the power of your good works, and they are preserved by the power of your good works.


Sudhana gradually made his way south to the country called Ocean Door. He saw infinitely varied oceans of sentient beings being liberated from all suffering.

Gandavyuha Sutra

Their minds were freed from the defilement of afflictionsthe thorns of deluded views were pulled out of their mindsthe mountains of obstructions blocking them disintegrated, and they entered into the sphere of unobstructed purity. He asked where to find King Anala. As she reached these concentrations, Sudhana saw a vision:. All those who came to Asha with their various sicknesses and afflictions were gabdavyuha relieved of them.

Sudhana saw them letting the gamdavyuha of truth be heard, introducing gandsvyuha beings to the meaning of knowledgeteaching worldly sciencesshowing the science of the path to liberationguiding beings in gradual practice. The night goddess explained to the queen the qualities of the enlightened ones and the vows practiced by universally good bodhisattvas.

He frees us from cravingfrom maliceand from false ideas. Sudhana smelled a fragrance more beautiful than any in the world. Manjushri observed Sudhana in the crowd, and knew the young man had achieved an unhindered, unattached determination for enlightenment.

Then he heard the Buddha’s inconceivable eloquence.

Sudhana was enraptured sutea the sight of the night goddess. Sudhana saw the whole house lit up by the refreshing, blissful, rapturous light emanating from the body of Vasumitra. And just as I do on this continent, so also do I work for the benefit of all beings on earthin the galaxyin the universein infinite numbers of worldsamong all types of beingswherever they are, helping them according to gandxvyuha mentalities and inclinations.

I have constantly stayed with and protected the enlightening being Vairocana since time immemorial. Vidvan, Male, householder, Mahasambhava Eons ago in a certain ocean xutra worldsin a certain world-system within that ocean of worldsin a certain worldon the southern continent of that worldamong ten thousand cities, was a great metropolis called Light of Myriad Arrays.