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Most of the content of the book should by now be standard knowledge. One of the results of the recent work in the theory of relativity has been that a fresh impetus has been given to the study of differential geometry.

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Additional Handling Charges are levied for other expenses incurred while delivering to your location. But to those who are seeking an introductory treatment of textbook character to serve perhaps as a sequel to the author’s Differential Geometry it is to be recommended.

The book presents a fair picture of the major domain of mathematical statistics, and is complete in itself. Open Preview See a Problem? Thewickerfan added it Nov 18, Shop on the Go Download the app and get exciting app only offers at your fingertips. Try new Snapdeal App for higher exchange discount. Many of the problems that have arisen are problems in differential geometry, and in the solution of these there has grown up a new calculus, the calculus of tensors, which has had a remarkable success in this connection.

Greater mathematical clarity seems to be obtained at points, especially in the first half, but the discussion of the meaning of the results from the viewpoint of application to experimental work is even more brief. The weaatherburn is based on a course of lectures on statistical mathematics delivered in the University of Western Australia.

Be the first to ask a question about Advanced Vector Analysis. The book is based qeatherburn a course of lectures given by the author, and first impressions are that the subject has been dealt with competently and well, so far as it is taken.

Advanced Vector Analysis by C.E. Weatherburn

For students who are quite new wewtherburn statistics, a good deal would need to be added by the instructor to keep a course based on this book from being quite formal. Feb 01, Al Roxburgh rated it it was amazing. In case of device support issues, try new Snapdeal App. Indeed it follows very closely the content, notation and arrangement of the former’s Elemwntary Geometry. One misses, however, several more or less important topics, which, the reviewer feels, might find their in place even in an introductory text on statistical mathematics, as the book is designed to be.


It seems appropriate, therefore, to make a few comments on certain characteristics which the two volumes have in common, before considering the second volume specifically.

This is primarily a book for a comparatively mature student who already has a working knowledge of methods of statistical investigation, who wishes to gain a sounder understanding of their validity, and who has a good command of the calculus or a little more as his mathematical equipment.

A very good idea of what the subject is about generally, and of how it is dealt with by modern exponents, can be had from this book by anyone who has a moderate mathematical knowledge and who possibly finds Kendall’s two volumes too formidable and time-consuming.

Neil marked it as to-read Jul 24, The book ends with an interesting historical review of the subject and an extensive bibliography. In expressing an opinion on any of these volumes, we must consider primarily the success or failure of the use made weathedburn these new methods, for therein generally lies the reason for the existence of the book. The treatment vectog both volumes is in terms of vectors.

Another commendable characteristic of the entire work is that the author has not allowed himself to forget that he is, before all, writing a treatise on geometry. How can we help you? The author of this book is Professor of Mathematics in the University of Western Australia, and has previously published books on differential geometry and Riemannian geometry and the tensor calculus.

Generally delivered in 5 – 9 days. It is possible that these would have been of greater utility if they had contained the material in its and had not been streamlined so that the application of the wewtherburn is immediately obvious, but nevertheless many new examples are there.

It is a sound and workmanlike volume. This is the paper-back edition of a book which first appeared inwith a second edition inand which has been reprinted in, and The present volume, though containing certain classical material supplementing that of the first volume, is primarily devoted to a consequential exposition of the author’s published contributions to elemeentary subject.

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Advanced vector analysis with applications to mathematical physics. The definitions are geometric for the scalar and the vector products, the vectors being always thought of as lines, or geometric vectors. It should be emphasized, however, that the book is only an introduction; and if the teaching is entrusted, as it should be, to weahterburn specialist in statistics, such a man will be required to go beyond what is written here.

Richard Hollingshead added it Nov 21, To get the student of dynamics to think in terms of vectors is wholly to the good; for, apart from the greater elegance of vector methods, it gives him a much clearer realization of the physical realities of the problems than is attained by the ordinary analytical methods. The reader, it is believed, will agree that it is a worthy contribution in a distinguished tradition.


The reviewer’s general conclusion is that Weatherburn’s book should be on the shelves available to students but that most teachers will probably feel that it is not completely satisfactory.

The first volume of this work see this Bulletin, vol. The author of the book under review has, however, explicitly restricted its scope to be “a mathematical text on the theory of statistics” only, and since well written books of this type also are comparatively scarce, it will be a welcome addition to the already existing texts.

But, whereas the first volume employs, except in the last chapter, on differential invariants, only the algebra of vectors, the second volume uses also, and to a great extent, the differential and integral calculus of vectors. The reviewer has no doubt that it will be widely appreciated by the students of statistics. Thank You for submitting your response. Was this information helpful to you?

While the mathematical analysis is undoubtedly clear it is possible that many will not be able to follow it in detail, and the conclusions of the analysis are not emphasized strongly. This is a book every statistician will want in his library. ANIL marked it as to-read Feb 29, Item not available at this location, please try another pincode.

Elementary Vector Analysis with Application to Geometry & Mechanics

In the next chapter the curvature tensor is introduced and the rest of the book consists of applications to hypersurfaces and general subspaces of a Riemannian space; here the work is simplified by the use of a generalised form of covariant derivative which is most appropriate in this connection, when functions arise which involve the coordinates both in the subspace and in the enveloping manifold.

Other topics are however included, with the result that vrctor two volumes together give an account of most of the principal branches of classical Differential Geometry. The book is dedicated to R A Fisher and analjsis the Memory of Karl Pearson, and the former author especially is extensively quoted, both for ideas and for tables of functions, though there is, as suggested reading, a larger proportion than is common in Britain of text of U.

It is written at about the same mathematical level and for the most part, as is natural, deals with the topics found in the other book.