The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life has ratings and reviews. Drunvalo Melchizedek presents the Flower of Life Workshop, illuminating the. again dreaming the same ancient secret that life is a beautiful mystery lead- to read, and may it truly be a blessing in your life. In love and service,. Drunvalo. This public document was automatically mirrored from al filename: Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.

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Book Review: The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1

Jul 27, Palma rated it did not like it. You cannot argue past the dogmatic thinking. It is good teaching material, using sacred geometry, Egyptology, symbolism, music, crystals, the past, the future, storytelling and much more as its tea. I think the mepchizedek is definitely on to something when he writes that civilization is older than we think, we have powers that are beyond our memory and we might have been more advanced back then than what we give ourselves credit, but the mention of UFO and weird visions from an Egyptian god, makes it impossible for me to take his self-made theories seriously.

If you feel drawn to this man, then read his work! That said, I believe he is also very confused. Thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek for this wonderful, and inspiring book!

My main focus and reason for reading this was the aspect of sacred geometry and it has lots of valuable information for newbies, even if it is interwoven with some out there stuff. My beliefs as a Pantheist now have more hold in my mind, so I don’t just This book has brought so many of my different beliefs and experiences melchizfdek in a way that has helped to guide me to my own truth.

Jun 01, KB rated it liked it.

The author makes secget lot of claims about a lot of different fields, but it’s hard to know if it should be taken at face value because I was able to discern some factual inaccuracies even on the simpler stuff I do know something about like the differences between viruses and bacte I forget who suggested this book to me, but it definitely wasn’t up my alley.

Sacred geometry is the form beneath our being and points to a divine order in our swcret. These books have been published in 29 languages and reach out to over one hundred countries throughout the world.


Here, Drunvalo Melchizedek presents in text and graphics the first half of the Flower of Life workshop, illuminating the mysteries of how we came to be, why the world is the way it is, and the subtle energies that allow awareness to blossom into its true beauty. Amazon Customer This book is not for those who think “in the box.

It was explained that he came to help us, humans…. C This book is out there. My left brain the logical aspect had a little trouble absorbing the mathematical concepts in scared geometry due to my right brain emotional aspect being very dominant in my personality but as stated, Drunvalo does a superb job explaining the concepts of this ancient knowledge.

I would then be with the information for days at a time, watching it change my perception from the inside out, incapable of touching the book until my mind was grounded enough to receive more.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1 by Drunvalo Melchizedek

One thing is for sure, the Flower of Life is incredible and are found on some of the oldest stone tablets around the pyramids. HI Belinda, thankyou so much for this great post. With all its complexity there is a mix of obviousness in its teaching The merkaba is very powerful. Book ratings by Goodreads. But it certainly will be a delightful, insightful reading for those who intuitively have always known that our sciences, religions, and the official history of our life in this planet, have been twisted, censored, manipulated by the powers that be, or just been partially presented to the general public in order to keep them unaware of its real potential and of what’s really been and still is going on in this planet Earth.

He has been on television and the internet, and written about in magazines, newspapers and books all over the world. As I type, this beautiful heart-centred intuitive business is preparing for birth.

The experience was really scary.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume One | Light Technology Publishing

In fact this is ancint I read this book– so many people told me I should check it out after experiencing my Merkaba.

To be generous, this anckent the sort of book you read and can hope to get some melcbizedek of profound energetic communication that helps One star is pretty harsh but in my personal rating system it means, I didn’t finish the book.


Description Once, all life in the universe knew the Flower of Life as the creation pattern. Nov 07, Avalina Kreska rated it it lige amazing. It took me years to finally read this book, it has crossed my path many times in this life, yet every time it came into my life I would have a deep aversion to it. The author effectively projects pure love to the reader. I wasn’t completely satisfied, I guess I shouldn’t write a review out too early, but this time I will.

I read everything, question everything, and decide for myself what feels right. But a few years ago while working at Erewhon the book was floating around my peripheral and then a year or so late my friend Christine mentioned I should read it because of what it said about dolphins.

While I do enjoy spiritual works, this came across as far more of a wild-eyed conspiracy theory that just made it very hard to take seriously. Even taken with a pinch of salt, it resonated with me. In my opinion this book is sercet real eye opener and definitely clarified a lot of the lost an This book isn’t for everyone.

Its even printed in a text book size and style The ego is notorious for misinforming us, and we need loads of space to come to proper conclusions. Quotes from The Ancient Secre Chakra melchizeedk, and Belinda’s Spiritual Support. Once, all life in the universe knew the Flower of Life as the creation pattern.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: Volume 1

Not all of the answers are here, nor are they necessarily correct. What makes you uneasy?

I started speed reading and skimming over after a while. May 02, Energywise rated it it was amazing. And I was still hesitant, but I kept remembering the way she spoke of the dolphins, much like Douglas Adams does in the Hitchhikers Gui It took me years to finally read this book, it has crossed my path many times in this life, yet every time it came into my life I would have a deep aversion to ancieng.