The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland ( Bulozi) for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the. Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili ยท Sondashi Lungu to meet barotseland activists to resolve Barotse Agreement.

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Tell us the truth as to why you are making noise and forming all those clandestine groups. The people have the rights to protest if they see No development.

Full Barotseland agreement of – Zambian Watchdog

They have every moral right to be separated as agremeent crown protectorate from Northern Rhodesia. They also need to publicize what the Litunga is getting from Government! LT has doctored this document or they have a fake from Matero. Bull, Mutumba Mainga “Reserved Area: They have no security of tenure.

While we appreciate LT efforts in giving us this document, We are however doubtful if this is the real one as mentioned before. Dont worry abt the map.

The fortunate part was that, despite the fact that the elected members of the Council were all UNIP whose Party policy was total integration without any autonomy for Barotseland, the UNIP elected members joined hands with the 20 nominated members of the Legislative Council to push for and secure Barotseland autonomy within independent Zambia. University Press of America. We are very proud of Lusaka, and we regard it as one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.


He appealed to President Rupiah Banda to restore the paramount status of senior Chief Monze which was revoked by the British Government. People even under the current arrangement, the Litunga could have used his influence to bring agreemsnt to batotse province like Chief Mukuni.

I shall take time to study it in detail. Y is he silent and his minions the BRE, the kuta and the mulongwanji.


This is very similar agreeement the New Zealand Treaty of Waitangi Civil Servants All public officers of the Government the Republic of Zambia who may from time to time be situated in Barotseland shall be officers serving on permanent and pensionable terms. It would be nice if some lawyers can just distil this document for Zambians.

Ni ha kuli cwalo ku butokwa ku nyakisisa muinelo wa mubu mwa Bulozi ha lu bapisa ni buikalabelo bwa Mubuso agrement Northern Rhodesia fa mubu kaufela mwa naha. As an enlightened man, you surely have to accept that you invite anarchy if you disregard the laws of the land willy nilly.

Ini kuzize kono inkanga naha yaka. We know in our culture that the Litunga shouldnt tok, but we know that he speaks through the Ngambela and the BRE. And whereas on the sixteenth day barrotse April, a provisional agreement was concluded at Lusaka with purpose and it is the desire of the government of northern Rhodesia and The Litunga, acting after consultation with his council to conclude a permanent agreement with this purpose: Just yesterday, in Lusaka was a village.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Consequently, secessionist views are still aired from time to time. Ina group of traditional Lozi leaders, calling itself the Barotseland National Council, called for independence; other tribal chieftains oppose secession, however. I can see provisions where it was to be signed but no signature.

Zambia : Barotseland Agreement Document

Retrieved from ” https: In another part, the agreement is empowering the Litunga to have control and powers over matters relating to land, Litungaship, forest, fish etc. Were you in rehab? Hmmmmm this is shocking.

The Barotse system of governance has been in existence for centuries before Northern Rhodesia, bagotse alone Zambia, was born. It is time for change.

What do our Lozi brothers and sister want? Under him would be two paramount chiefs to be based at Nalolo and Libonda. Some issues raised in the agreement may have been diluted by the local govt ammendments some legal mind can help here 0. We know Town Clerks and PS are on contracts. I went at length of explaining this background in order to show that the Barotse governance system is a well-established one that has evolved over centuries and that it is a people based system, not an individual.

Your article therefor lacks merit. Two protesters were shot and killed when police opened fire on a crowd in Mongu, Western Province.