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AS Emergency Escape Lighting and Exit Signs for Buildings. Classify luminaires in accordance with AS and supply copies of test results on request. Battery Specification: LiFePO4, 1 cell V mAh DIRLEDPSSL – WALL MOUNT: AS CLASSIFICATION TABLE . Note: As per AS C0. 14 Dec The published standard for emergency lighting, AS, includes Tables to , which list the maximum spacing between emergency.

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On as223.1 green areas of the pictorial elements, at each applicable measurement site specified in Figure 3. Mekolec also offers advice on Emergency and exit light testing businesses are legally obliged to test every six months under Australian Standards General requirements, functional characteristics—Methods of test Safety colours and safety signs Part 1: This marking shall be clearly visible during installation and subsequent inspection of the completed lighting system.

System design, installation and operation Humidity and nuisance alarms. Emergency luminaires and as22993.1 signs.

These files reproduce the contents of Figure 3. Exit Signs An exit sign must be clearly visible to persons approaching the exit, and must be installed on, above or adjacent to each? Refer to Clause 3. This distance to be 1.

In some cases however reference to a Building Surveyor may also be required. Size mm Refer also to Clause 3. Some black and white printers might produce a poor representation of this figure.

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Centrally-supplied emergency escape luminaires shall be operated at their rated voltage or, where marked for operation within a range of voltages, the lowest marked voltage. A sample declaration of the compliance of emergency escape luminaires and exit signs with this Standard is given in Appendix B.


Refer to Figure 1. For the assessment of light output required following a 15 min period of operation, the battery shall be in the fully charged state at the commencement of that period of operation.

Alternatively, the printed Catalogue provides information current at 1 January each year, and the monthly magazine, The Global Standard, has a full listing of revisions and amendments published each month. Where a standard internally illuminated or externally illuminated exit sign has only a single pictorial element, the face of the sign shall include additional background of an area at least equal to the total area of the pictorial element. As well as the basic pictorial elements, an exit sign face may also contain additional background in accordance with Clause 3.


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The use of variations to these basic shapes e. Standards may also be withdrawn. It was approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia on 16 March The variation in C 0 luminance between any two applicable measurement sites specified in Figure 3. No part of this work may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of the publisher. Marking to identify the orientation of the C0 plane through the luminaire see Appendix C where the luminaire has a different classification in the C0 and C 90 planes.

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Detailed information about Standards can be found by visiting the Standards Web Shop at www. The symbol shall be black and as2239.1 in colour and not less than 10 mm in diameter. It shall be located in a position where it will be visible from below when the luminaire is installed, except in cases where no appropriate surface exists on the luminaire e.

At each applicable measurement site specified in Figure 3. The requirements of Items a and b shall apply both when the emergency escape ass2293.1 are initially switched on i. The installation of an emergency or exit light will also require the electrician to complete and submit a certificate of electrical safety, and in some cases a building permit.


Installing Emergency & Exit Lighting

as229.1 For fluorescent as229.31, a statement of acceptable lamp technologies that will not detrimentally affect such aspects as lumen output or the life of control gear. It is important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased. General requirements and tests ISO General purpose lead-acid batteries valve-regulated types Part 1: Emergency escape luminaires and exit signs First published in Australia as part of AS See also Clause 3.

Login to view all of our products, product details, prices, order and more. Mekolec has a long history of providing material to the Essential Services Exit and Emergency Lighting industry. It applies both to emergency escape luminaires and exit signs that are centrally supplied, and to emergency escape luminaires and exit signs of the self-contained type.

Measure width of arm at this point to determine required luminance meter measurement field. This distance to be 0. Mekolec is specialised in Emergency Exit Lighting products, offering customer support and advice on stocked products. Heat Detectors – Principle of Operation. System design, installation and operation Part 2: Where a sign consists of two pictorial elements, these shall be immediately adjacent to each other and located in the centre of any additional background.