Angus Menuge is professor and chair of philosophy at Concordia University Wisconsin and President of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. His research. @ Dr. Angus Menuge Concordia University Wisconsin N. Lake Shore Drive Mequon, WI () office LU Agents Under Fire: Materialism and the Rationality of Science [Angus Menuge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the first study of its kind, .

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I have studiously tried to avoid so-called real-world employment, but let myself down badly by working as a computer programmer in England for two years, between and My conversion to Christianity occurred when I was in graduate school, as a result of several interacting factors: Employment Background As Jerome K.

Since I have been employed by and some slanderously assert that I work at Concordia University Wisconsin.

Ratio Christi does not necessarily agree with or endorse the views of all the speakers listed and cannot guarantee the accuracy of all details. Your assistance is vital to the ongoing success of Ratio Christi to equip students under intellectual assault on the campus.

The Powers of Rational Beings. Menuge is author or editor of many journal articles, book chapters and encyclopedia articles on the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, human rights, and anugs.


Anyus helped to heal the wounds of my heart, but I still lacked an intellectual foundation for my faith. I could sit and watch people work for hours. Education University of Warwick: D in Philosophy with internal minor in logic and external minor in computer science and cognitive psychology.

Angus Menuge

Whilst a teenager, I became an agnostic, but retained an interest in religion and continued to find religious answers more persuasive than secular ones. See here for more. Interests of mine are currently C. Your gift is tax deductible.

Angus Menuge – Who | Ratio Christi

It all started with Surprised by Joy. He has broad interests in philosophical and theological anthropology, including the case for the soul and the case against various forms of materialism espoused inside and outside anfus church.

To help out Dr. As an English teenager, I did not attend church and drifted away from what little I knew of Christianity as a child.

mwnuge Lewis’s theological books, and the great riches of Lutheran theology. Returning to philosophy, I saw that a Christian foundation made more sense of all of the major areas of philosophy, and devoted my career to trying to show others that this is the case.

Testimony As an English teenager, I did not attend church and drifted away from what little I knew of Christianity as a child. Jerome said, I love work: She drew me back to the church, and I became an adult confirmand of the Menueg Church — Missouri Synod.


EPS Web Author Profiles

Materialism and the Rationality of Science Rowman and Littlefield,and currently working on a successor volume, Agents Unbound: It wngus here, whilst I was supposed to be doing research in basically secular philosophy, that an unplanned by me foray into the works of C.

After that, I read a great deal of theology, and my first 2 edited collections were heavily theological. Menuge, become a member of EPS or subscribe to our journal https: Menuge is the author of Agents Under Fire: These factors affected all of me, mind, body, and spirit, and I agreed to go through adult confirmation classes before getting married.

My interests now are in promoting Christian teaching and scholarship, and developing my own meager talents in that direction. I had a somewhat Christian upbringing with a mixture of Roman Catholic and Church of England elements.